Saturday, April 30, 2011

Private Placement Partners' site is LIVE!!

I am happy to announce that after weeks of drafting content, site design, and review, Alejandro Barrere has unveiled a spectacular new site for our new consultancy, Private Placement Partners, LLC.  Check it out here. 

PPP (the acronym  for the big old mouthful of a name I came up with) is a partnership betwee Alejandro, Joseph Chetty, and me, created to address the very specific and targeted marketing needs of clients seeking to raise foreign venture capital (FVC), whether via EB-5 planning, other investment based visa options, or no-visa FVC investors.  As you will see in the site bios, Joe (financial guru) and Alejandro (web guru) bring decades of specific domain expertise to our venture.  Me, uh...well...I guess I pretty much just bring my big mouth and love of the art of the deal!

I developed PPP's Capital Target Program as a way of formulating a transparent conduit between investors abroad and U.S. projects and enterprises seeking FVC.  PPP will offer its services on a monthly retainer basis to a select group of U.S. clients willing to play by the ethical standards I have long advocated in our sector.  From capitalization plan to site design to search engine optimization to event planning, PPP will permit the U.S. clients to ramp up the capital access process to meet time-sensitive goals in the short term, while carefully planning for future tranches in conjunction with project development timelines...all the while avoiding the near-usurious domestic VC expectations existing in this current, stilted domestic money market.

In sum...we think it's pretty cool. (-:  Check out the site and talk to me if you think we might be able to help you achieve your FVC objectives...but hurry:  in order to insure that we can deliver results, PPP will accept a maximum of five CTP clients!  JEL

Houston EB-5 Workshop Recap

WOW, what a seminar!  Brian Su's Houston event was, without a doubt, the singular most productive day I've had since immersing myself in EB-5dom, and that is not hyperbole.  The presentations were superb and we all learned a great deal.  (I, for one, finally understand a lot more of Dr. Scott Barnhart's econometric musings!)

But the heart and soul of the event revolved around Brian's ability to pull together a very diverse group of folks from within the EB-5 sector, including various experts, agents, and Regional Center representatives.  The networking was invaluable for all of us.  And as I predicted, John Jiang, Managing Director of Henry Global Consulting Group, Ltd., one of China's biggest EB-5 agencies (and, I hastily add, one of very few who actually do the homework for their clients), was the highlight speaker for me.  John is a no-nonsense, call-them-as-I-see-them kind of guy and one of the key reasons for Henry Global's continued market dominance.  His presentation debunked many misperceptions I had about how the China market works and reiterated what I'd long suspected:  success in China EB-5 marketing isn't about a willing abundance of affluent Chinese lined up with bank drafts in's about strategic (and costly!) marketing, laser-beam public relations, and a tireless workforce excelling at communicating the reality of the EB-5 opportunity in parameters understandable from the distinctly Chinese world view.

There was, however, one terrific bummer ending:  based on the Friday traffic and distance from the Doubletree to Bush International Airport, I had to exit the event before Brian and several other speakers were finished.  Alas, that was in vain: heavy thunderstorms led to the cancellation of my flight and I couldn't leave Houston till this morning!  Go figure!

Brian, serious props, kudos, and thanks from all of us invited to participate in your event.  It was priceless for me professionally, and it was great to spend time with you, Joanne, Thom, Scott and the rest of the great folks we met.  Where are we going next time?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Houston to Explore the EB-5

[Note to Readers:  after trying every possible camera angle, lighting and HD resolution variation, I have come to the conclusion that despite the ease of presenting my blog as a video, it borders on cruelty to the viewer.  Accordingly, I am shelving my Peter Jennings aspirations and returning to the written word.]

At the Doubletree in Houston -- yes, I ate the warm chocolate chip cookie while it was still warm -- getting ready for Brian Su's big event tomorrow:

EB-5 Regional Center Workshop

I'm looking forward to all the speakers but I must admit that I am most eager to hear what John Jiang, Henry Global Group's U.S. Managing Director, has to say. HGG is one of the largest EB-5 agencies in China, with over 50 offices there and in the U.S. Unlike many of their counterparts, HGG actually looks CAREFULLY at pending RC projects and undertakes due diligence for their investors.  Brian says that John recently returned from China with all kinds of interesting news on EB-5 developments there so it should be one of the many highlights we get tomorrow.

I'll take good notes for you but, remember, there's a reason why Brian fills these seminar seats.  If you are serious about raising foreign venture capital for your U.S. project, I strongly recommend you catch the event next time around.  There is simply no more cost-effective crash course on what everyone who is consideration the formation of an EB-5 Regional Center truly needs to know...