Friday, July 29, 2011

120+ Squeeze Into Boston EB-5 Seminar

Well, as I anticipated, Brian Su pulled together a sold out crowd for the Boston EB-5 workshop in which I am currently sitting.  Ron Klasko just gave an excellent presentation looking into his "crystal ball" to see the EB-5 future, giving us both worst and best case scenarios.  As usual, his presentation was as informative as it was entertaining, and he gave us a good sense of the key factors we need to monitor for what lies ahead.  Can't wait to hear what Boyd Campbell has to say later today. 

BTW: I just found a VERY helpful article written Suzanne Seltzer, an attorney who works with Ron Klasko.  The USCIS has, of late, developed adjudication policies which substantially misinterpret recent appellate decisions regarding just who is and is not "extraordinary".  She breaks this down into an excellent "to do" list for attorneys preparing such cases.  Here it is:  E-1(1) Strategies

P.S. Have to tell you: yesterday a client/friend invited me to my first Red Sox game at Fenway Park and we sat in box seats RIGHT BEHIND HOME PLATE.  It was AMAZING...even though the Sox didn't win.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boston EB-5 Workshop Almost Sold Out

Just back from a great vacation in the Keys and Costa Rica, ready to strap on the EB-5 boots and get busy.  Tomorrow I head to Boston, where Brian Su's next EB-5 Workshop/Networker takes place on Friday.  Each of Brian's events is more powerful and useful than the prior one, and the critical mass he's achieving in terms of bringing the leading international experts on the EB-5 visa continues to grow.  This particular event will feature a diverse assortment of "straight shooters" who tell it like it is...something an awful lot of EB-5 industry folks do NOT do.

Ron Klasko, perhaps one of the most experienced EB-5 attorneys in the country and a long-distinguished leader in the American Immigration Lawyers Association will be the featured speaker, along with the inimitable Boyd Campbell, a straight-shooting EB-5 attorney who has been an invaluable resource to the sector.   These are seriously two of the best and brightest in EB-5 Land and I'm very much looking forward to hearing their presentations.

Also speaking will be some of the strongest East Asian recruiters, including my good friend John Jiang of Henry Global, as well as John Li from EB5 Supermarket, who is tackling new ways to reach Asian investors for U.S. EB-5 projects. And then, of course, is little old me:  I'll be doing a NEW presentation covering the marketing of EB-5 projects in Latin America and the Middle East, two very promising regions for the next generation of EB-5 investors.

As of this morning there were about six seats left; I encourage you to consider attending if you are seriously considering Asian market access for your EB-5 Regional Center or Project.  J

Big Boston EB-5 Event by Brian Su