Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IN MANDARIN: Lake Point Capital Partners: China Bound

Thanks to Suzy for her first translation, if it's about our next China odyssey, she translated what I wrote...(-;



AVS区域中心很高兴向大家宣布,在我和Sharon刚参加完为湖泊地EcoVentures项目第一阶段举行的盛大接待仪式后,该计划的主要负责人已决定为20位最具实力的EB-5投资者提供直接股权投资达一千万美元的EB - 5私人投资门槛。投资者将可在投资额高达十亿多美元的湖泊地矿产投资移民项目中占有实际股权,该EB5企业普通合伙人为排名 福布斯世界首富前400位的George Lindemann 家族 及业界领先的建筑开发商,他们都有着为世人瞩目的无数成功的商业及开发经验,并在世界上有无与伦比的财政及商业信用度和声誉,投资风险度的大幅降低不言而喻。

Sharon和我将于二月下旬前往北京,上海和越南的胡志明市,湖泊地项目总经理兼AVS区域中心合伙人Jud Laird也将与我们同行。多亏Sharon,我们的行程安排已经很满了,然而我们仍然期望有机会与更多认真负责,高素质的中国移民代理合作,寻求与业界领先的普通合伙人合作的最优EB-5投资机会。

请注意:虽然我们很高兴参加EB-5研讨会,但并不支付任何市场推广费用。我们是一个规模虽小组织专业的区域中心,为投资者提供经本人亲自审核的最佳EB-5投资机会。如果您的机构符合上述条件,请直接发电邮至,与我们探讨有关AVS区域中心 EB-5投资机会的相关合作事宜。

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Immigration Insider in Mandarin- COMING SOON!

Please welcome Suzy Stanton, our new Shenzhen-born admin assistant and Girl Wonder.  In addition to Sharon's musings in Mandarin, Suzy will soon begin translating Immigration Insider blog entries which are of particular interest to our Mandarin-speaking partners and clients in China.

After years of being quoted in Mandarin and only being able to read my name in the article, I'm stoked about being able to see Chinese characters and actually knowing what it says....(-:  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lake Point Capital Partners: China Bound

I apologize for my silence but it's been a bit of an exciting start to the new year!  Lots going on but here is the big news:

American Venture Solutions Regional Center is very happy to announce that after the tremendous reception Sharon and I received for the loan-based Lake Point EcoVentures Phase I PL, the principals of the Lake Point Project have decided to make available a direct EQUITY EB-5 private placment offering of $10M available for 20 accredited EB-5 investors.  These investors will have an actual equity stake in the $100M+ Lake Point Project and their risk will mirror that of their Forbes 400 General Partners.

Sharon and I will be traveling to Beijing, Shanghai, and Saigon/Ho Chih Minh City (Vietnam) in late February with Jud Laird, Managing Director of Lake Point and co-owner of AVS RC.  We have a pretty full schedule already thanks to Sharon, but we would welcome the opportunity to meet with any serious, high-caliber Chinese Migration Agents who are looking for the best available EB-5 opportunities  with the most entrepreneurially-proven General Partners.

Please note: we don't pay up front marketing fees and while we are happy to present seminars, it's on your nickel.  We are a small but very exclusively organized Regional Center offering only the most compelling EB-5 opportunities I have personally vetted.  If your agency fits this description, please email me directly at for a discreet conversation regarding the AVS EB-5 opportunies and how we can collaborate.